This page contains a list of web links.

Links to sites such as web site sometimes change and it is difficult to keep all our Group and Area web sites upto date with changes.

Below are a number of web link forwards that will direct you to the latest page for that subject, Each web link automatically is forwarded to the correct web page.

If the location on the other) changes then this forward will be updated to the correct value.


Use the links below in your web sites so you do not have to change your site if the Central Office web site changes.

Ramblers web site location

Charitable Objectives
Membership Benefits
Join the Ramblers
Membership Rates
The above three links now point to the same page
Change your Membership Details
Change of Address
The above two links now point to the same page
Walking Information
Footpath - Rights or Way
The above two links now point to the same page
Make a donation
Walks finder
Path Problem Report Form
Footpath - Secretary
Tesco Membership Offer

These are older links with no really suitable page

Footpath Guardian Scheme
Accommodation for Walkers
40s Groups

Non links

Ramblers Holidays Walking Partnership

How to use these links

Use the links above in  your web site. The URL you link to will be of the form

When the user clicks on this link they  will go to the specified page and then be redirected to the correct web page.

To see the current page that these links are redirected  to just click on the links above.


If you find one of these links is out of date, or would like an additional one,  then please contact us via Ramblers-webs support ticket